"Family of Believers In the Word" Goal Sheet

Goal Sheet

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In the Word

It is our goal to encourage members and non members to spend more time "In the Word," that is reading, studying and discussing some or all of the Bible. We hope this checklist will help you.



Goal #1 - Read through the Bible in a year (only about 3 chapters a day)

Goal #2 – Read through New Testament in a year or less (3 chapters a day and you will read it 4 times)

Goal #3 – Start/continue a daily devotional and look up the passage used in my bible each time

Goal #4 – Read all Scripture Lessons used in worship before I arrive (3 readings + a Psalm each week)

Goal #5 – Singing Scripture: Reviewing hymn texts and the Scripture that inspired each stanza.  Hymn Devotional provided by April and the Music and Worship Team. Also available on the resource table.

Goal #6 - Read "The Story" Bible

Goal #7 – Start a topical/textual reading plan. Once done start again!

Goal #8 – Start/Deepen family/couple devotional time

  • You can use any of the goals above for time together in the word especially #3 and #7
  • Sunday School Curriculum Plan: (Purchase The Story Bible For Children and read the stories in your home before your children go to Sunday School and hear them again!)
  • Sticker Calendar: A month by month calendar complete with stickers. The stickers will range from reading a chapter, a verse, a story and once completed your child can fill the calendar with your families accomplishments!
  • Coloring Pages: Opportunity to color with your children while reading God’s Word

Goal #9 – Join a Bible Study Group Check out our Education Page

  • Tuesday Morning Men’s and Women’s
  • Christ Care
  • Sunday Morning Bible Studies
  • Wednesday Evening Men’s Bible Study
  • Tuesday Evening Women’s Bible Study

Goal #10 – Maybe your Scripture Reading Goal is not on this list. THAT IS O.K.

  • Tell us what it is!

A Final Thought:   Purchase The Holy Bible in audiobook, download to your favorite mp3 player, and listen while exercising or in the car. Choose your favorite version, but here are two reasonably-priced examples: