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Sunday Morning Educational Opportunities

SUNDAY ADULT BIBLE CLASSES - beginning March 31, 9:20 am - 10:20 am

Being Lutheran: “Whether you are a life-long Lutheran or new to the Lutheran church, it is good to stop and answer the question, “Why am I a Lutheran?” So, why are you? To get to that, we may need to first answer, “What is a Lutheran?” In the end, it is a very simple answer - being a Lutheran is about following Jesus. This study will help all of us to live out the faith we have received. This class is facilitated by Pastor Koglin.

In this class we will delve into some of the more obscure stories in Scripture that you might not have explored during your Sunday School years. Though, seemingly out of place, nothing in Scripture is. During these weeks of study we will look at some of them you didn’t know existed! If you took this class with Josh last year, know that the stories are different (at least, mostly!). Josh Heirigs leads this study.

The Bible. We read it every day, every week. We each have several in our homes and some might be and sound very different. So how did the Bible and its different versions come to be? In this class we will explore the area known as textual criticism and talk about the Biblical text, its transmission, and its translation. We will be in the earliest days of Scripture but also looking at the Bible throughout the ages. We will answer questions like: What is the Bible and why is it special? How did we get the Old Testament? How did we get the New Testament? How were the books of the Biblical Canon chosen? How was the New Testament copied? How did we get the Bible in English and other questions of translation? The goal of this class is to give you greater confidence in Scripture as a reliable document and as words from the heart of God himself, while also giving you the tools to answer some important questions about the Bible, and also to respond lovingly and patiently to some of the biggest criticisms as well. Led by Pastor Loos.

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