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Sunday Morning Educational Opportunities

SUNDAY ADULT BIBLE CLASSES - beginning January 6, 9:20 am - 10:20 am

Everyone is a leader at some point, in some setting, in some relationship. Even so, many people do not think of themselves as a leader. No matter if you are a professional who leads people everyday, are finding yourself in leadership for the first time, or a person who feels like they have failed at leading and are looking for answers, this class can help. There is a joy to serve with a good leader and there are few things more frustrating than working with a poor leader. Can you imagine the benefits of Christ-like Servant Leadership?! Join Michael Harvey in the choir room for this seven-week class.

We pray it every week, perhaps every day. “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” But so many questions abound: why is it so hard? Do we really have to ‘forgive and forget’? How can I forgive when the hurt is that deep? Come explore the huge topic of forgiveness in Scripture. Together we will grow in and practice what might be the most difficult thing we ever do, but also, the one thing that can change our lives and turn the world upside down: forgiveness. Pastor Loos leads this discussion in the South Fellowship Hall.

Join April Beckman in the North Fellowship Hall as we take time to explore how world events and musical development influenced our hymn writers and the music of the time. Come learn and sing as we work though decades of cherished music!

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