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Sunday Morning Educational Opportunities

New, Beginning Sunday, Feb. 16, 9:20 am to 10:20 am

In this class let’s talk about one of the biggest criticisms that is often leveled in order to discredit the supernatural character of the Bible: that it contains errors or contradictions. How do we approach this type of criticism or investigation of the Bible? Does it really contain contradictions or errors? What are these supposed errors? How can we approach these difficult passages? We will prayerfully come away with tools for conversation and certainty in the message that Scripture has brought us: redemption through the blood of Christ. We can be certain that, as Jesus says, (because of this), “Scripture cannot be broken." Led by Pastor Loos in the South Fellowship Hall.

Working from the book of the same name, we will take a powerful journey through Lent with Jesus. This journey will involve the spiritual discipline of fasting. This is not about losing weight by giving up food. This fasting will ask you to take a serious look at all aspects of your life and give a little because Jesus gave everything! This class will be led by Michael Harvey who sees this book as one of the best Lenten Devotionals he has taken part in. Please join him in the Choir Room.

FOR I KNOW THE PLANS (continuing)
What is that Will of God? What are His plans for me? How can I know what His Will is? Come and participate in a class that delves into our interaction with a God who loves us, yet lets us experience the heartache of a fallen and broken world. Led by Josh Heirigs in the North Fellowship Hall.

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