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869 7th Avenue SE,
Rochester, MN 55904-7359

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Isaiah 45:1-7
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Oct. 8 Associate Pastor Call Update

Oct. 8:The Call Team is pleased to share the plans for our Associate Pastor candidate visit. Pastor Ben Loos and his wife, Christine, are visiting Redeemer on Monday and Tuesday, October 23 and 24. They will arrive late evening at the Rochester airport on October 22.

The tentative schedule for Monday is:
* Tour of Rochester in the morning to include POBLO and RCLS
* Lunch with Staff followed by interview
* Interview and dinner with Call Team
* "Meet and Greet" with congregation members and leadership from 6:45 to 8:00 pm with a short self-introduction by Pastor Loos

The tentative schedule for Tuesday is:
* Spend time with Pastor Koglin, staff, any groups in the building
* Lunch - still planning
* Arrive at Rochester airport at 1:30 pm for flight back

The Call Team invites members to attend the Meet and Greet on Monday evening for an informal opportunity to meet the Loos'. Dessert will be served. We also invite congregation members to submit questions for the Call Team to consider asking during our formal interview.

The Call Team is excited about this next step in the process. Our goal is to get to know this candidate and his wife better so that we can make the decision whether or not to advance his name to the Voters’ to decide to issue a Call.

This Week at Redeemer

Schedule for Oct 19th -> Oct 29th, 2017.  Today is Saturday, October 21st, 2017.  
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Thursday, October 19
FFF Exercise Group—Rm L-3—10:15 am
Faithful Followers CC—Rm 102—1 pm
Stephen Ministry—Upper Rm—4:30 pm
Chancel Chimes—Sanctuary—7 pm
Technology Team—Rm 202—7 pm


Friday, October 20
Library Committee—Library—9:30 am


Saturday, October 21
Choir Retreat—9 am
Blood Pressures—Nurse’s Office—5 pm
Polka WORSHIP—5:30 pm
German Meal—FH—6:30 pm


Sunday, October 22
WORSHIP—8 and 10:40 am
PYROS—8:30 am
Blood Pressures—9 am
Sunday School/Adult Bible Classes—9:20 am
Gayed Baby Shower—NFH—Noon to 2 pm
Instruments  of Praise—4:30 pm
Oikos CC—Upper Rm—6 pm
Financial Peace Class—NFH—6 pm


Monday, October 23
Quilters—NFH—8 am
Story Time—Narthex—10:15 am
Pastoral Candidate Meet & Greet—6:45 pm


Tuesday,  October 24
Ladies’ Bible Study—NFH—9 am
Men’s Bible Study—Rm 102—9 am
FFF Exercise Group—Rm L-3—10:15 am
Couples in Christ CC—6 pm
Music and Worship—Rm 102– 6:30 pm
Women’s Bible Study—NFH—7 pm


Wednesday, October 25
POBLO Sewing—FH—10 am
Japanese Fellowship—Rm L-1/Nursery/ NFH-12:30 pm
Youth Chimes—Sanctuary—5:45 pm
Men’s Bible Study—Upper Rm—6 pm
Alleluia Singers—Rm L-2—6 pm
Cherub Choir—Rm 101—6:05 pm
7/8th Gr. Confirmation—Rm L-3—6:10 pm
9th Gr. Confirmation—Rm 102—6:10 pm
Angelic Chimes—Sanctuary—6:30 pm
Sounds of Praise—7 pm


Thursday, October 26
FFF Exercise Group—Rm L-3—10:15 am
Malachi CC—Upper Rm—6:30 pm
Membership Ministry—Rm 102—7 pm


Friday, October 27   Nothing Scheduled


Saturday, October 28  REFORMATION
Fall Clean-up Day—8 am
  with HOLY COMMUNION—5:30 pm


Sunday, October 29    REFORMATION
  with HOLY COMMUNION—8 and 10:40 am
Blood Pressures—9 am
Sunday School/Adult Bible Classes—9:20 am
Financial Peace—NFH—6 pm

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"As Christians based on the solid foundation of God’s Word, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we strive to Live Out, Lift Up, and Share our faith in Jesus Christ – welcoming all into our family of believers."