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Aug 5 Associate Pastor Call Committee Update

Aug. 5: The Associate Pastor Call Committee met on July 24, 2017, to finalize the interview questions for the Skype interviews and to narrow the field of candidates. The Call Committee will then phone six candidates to participate in interviews which will be conducted August 14 and 15. The individual names will be provided to the congregation after the candidates are scheduled for an interview time. The Call Committee will meet on August 21 to debrief the interviews and narrow down the list in preparation for in-person interviews. In the meantime, the required background checks will be ordered.

June 12: Pastor Nadasdy, our District President, provided a list of 18 names to our Circuit Visitor, Pastor Lyle Fritsch, and the chair of the Associate Pastor Call Committee, Sue Reinke Walch on June 1st. Pastor Nadasdy followed up by sending a packet of personal profiles on each of these individual pastors to Pastor Fritsch. The Call Committee has set a meeting for June 13th (Pastor Koglin returns from vacation on June 12th) to begin the process of prayerfully considering these candidates and respectfully shortening the list. Please note: this is a confidential process, so don't expect detailed information right away. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence in all the hearts and minds involved in this process. God has this decision made already and in His wisdom will bring us together with our new pastor.

This Week at Redeemer

Schedule for Aug 10th -> Aug 20th, 2017.  Today is Wednesday, August 16th, 2017.  
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Thursday, August 10
Youth to ValleyFair—7:30 am
Sarah Circle—SFH—9 am
FFF Exercise Group—Rm L-3—10:15 am
WORSHIP—Chapel—6 pm


Friday, August 11
Instruments of Praise/Music & Worship
Picnic at Kurtz’s—5 pm


Saturday, August 12
WORSHIP—5:30 pm


Sunday, August 13
WORSHIP—8 and 9:30 am
Blood Pressures—9 am


Monday, August 14
Quilters—NFH—8 am
Story Time—Narthex—10:15 am
Lynne Gaunt CC—Rm L-1—6 pm
Emmanuel CC—Upper Rm—6:30 pm
FCCI Workshop—FH—6:45 pm


Tuesday,  August 15
Joint Bible Study—Rm 102—9 am
FFF Exercise Group—Rm L-3—10:15 am
Accordion Band—Rm L-3—1 pm


Wednesday, August 16
REM Training—NFH—8 am
Men’s Bible Study—Upper Rm—6 pm
Youth Board Picnic—FH—6 pm


Thursday, August 17
FFF Exercise Group—Rm L-3—10:15 am
Faithful Followers CC—Rm 102—1 pm
Stephen Ministry—Upper Rm—4:30 pm
Technology Team—Rm 202—7 pm


Friday, August 18
Library Committee—Library –9:30 am


Saturday, August 19


Sunday, August 20
HOLY COMMUNION—8 and 9:30 am
Blood Pressures—9 am
Japanese Fellowship—3:30pm
Agape CC—6:30 pm

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Backpack Cali

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