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Life Groups at Redeemer

Life Groups

October is the start of our “pioneering” series. During this first series, groups are trying it out and the group coordinating Life Groups are going to learn a lot! We are trying this out as a Family of Believers! It is our hope that as time goes on more and more people will be connected to this opportunity. If you want to help pioneer with us, we would love to have you! Go to the Redeemer Website to sign up.

Just so you know:

  • Life Groups will not replace ChristCare. ChristCare groups can participate in the Life Group studies if they would like, we hope they will!
  • Existing small groups and Bible studies do not have to use the Life Group studies, but they are more than welcome to!
  • These days communication is hard! Not everyone knows about this! That is ok. Like we said above, this is a time to try it out, learn and grow. If you need time to think about this, please take it! We hope to have you join down the road.
  • These are not “forever” groups. Some of these Life Groups will only last as long as a sermon series. Other groups may stay together for years. What will work for your group?
  • Their will be new studies each week, but groups DO NOT have to meet each week! Meet in a way that works for your group.
  • Groups do not have to meet in person. Groups do not have to meet online. Choose to connect in the way that works for you! If you need help getting online let us know!
  • Is your family still in quarantine? Your family can be their very own Life Group all to themselves if need be.
  • Do you have some neighbors that you connect with, create a Life Group with them! Life Groups are not just for Redeemer members!

Remember we are just starting! We have lots of answers, but we are still learning too. We will make mistakes and learn, and we will do this all together! If you want to help us figure this out please let us know!

What are Life Groups?

In small groups known as Life Groups, we offer you an opportunity for community--Community in studying God's Word together and Community in sharing life and applying God's Word to real life. Life Groups are a great opportunity to live out our vision here at Redeemer to Grow In Christ, to Share His Love and to Encourage others. Life Group opportunities include both virtual and in person!

Are you interested in joining a Life Group or maybe even faciliating one? Please    Complete the Survey or connect with Michael Harvey.

The Current Series: Always Open

Life Groups will have the opportunity to work on applying our messages to our daily lives. The Current Series we are in is "Always Open: Why COVID or anything else cannot close the church." Study Resources are attached.
These are best done in a group but if you are not yet ready for that you can and are encourage to do them on your own!

Study Resources

Always Open Study Resources
Week 1 (Oct. 4) - Always Open: Not A Building -- Worship Bible Study
Week 2 (Oct. 11) - Always Open: Bridge Builders - Worship Bible Study
Week 3 (Oct. 18) - Always Open: Dont Forget The Building Reflecting The Beauty of God - Worship Bible Study
Week 4 (Oct. 25) - Always Open: A Church In Every Home - Worship Bible Study
Week 5 (Nov. 1) - Always Open: The Assembly - Worship Bible Study
Week 6 (Nov. 8) - Always Open: Open Hearts and Open Hands - Worship Bible Study
Week 7 (Nov. 15) - Always Open: Building Project - Worship Bible Study
Week 8 (Nov. 22) - Always Open: Triumph - Worship Bible Study