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Parish Nursing

How does Parish Nursing Ministry work at Redeemer?

The Parish Nurse at Redeemer

  • Serves as a resource for health and wellness by:
       - Directly arranging health related programs
       - Offering blood pressure checks and cholesterol checks
  • Reflects God’s love through professional and personal caring and confidentiality
  • Knows the community resources that are available; direct those in need to the appropriate resource; assist members to utilize and understand the health care system and services.
  • Provides help in formation of support and discussion groups in areas related to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Redeemer's Health Cabinet


 Jan Dicke, RN-Parish Nurse

 Iva Kietzmann, RN-Parish Nurse

 Lowell Dale, MD

 Sarah Finley

 Jeff Lee

 Cari Loos, RN

 Sarah Reppert, MD

 Roger Toomey, RN

 Barbara Wallskog, RN

 Kathy Zarling, RN


Redeemer's Health Cabinet, in partnership with the parish nurse, is formed to help implement this ministry to make health and wellness a part of Redeemer Lutheran Church’s Christian life and growth. People with competence and/or interest in health care areas are included on the cabinet.
Parish Nursing Ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church is not a substitute for pastoral care, Stephen Ministry, medical care, community health nursing and social agencies. The focus of this ministry is on prevention and health promotion rather than hands-on physical care. This ministry does not provide physical care, administer medications, draw blood or do other invasive procedures.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Parish Nursing Ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church   is to encourage health, healing and the caring aspects of the church community.

The Parish Nurse works to reflect God’s love so that our community may receive:

  • Spiritual support as they face health problems and challenges
  • Education and opportunities to pursue a holistic lifestyle as God intended in creation
  • Identify community resources to help in their illness and life changes.

Parish Nurse: Janet Dicke, RN
Jan Dicke

Jan Dicke, Parish Nurse of Redeemer Lutheran Church   completed a Parish Nurse Preparation Course Sponsored by the Nursing Department and Church Relations of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. In addition to her coursework, Jan has had nursing experience in OB, cancer, Geriatrics, surgical, and emergency room. She was an educator for RCTC for 28 years.

Parish Nurse: Iva Kietzmann, RN
Iva Kietzmann

Iva Kietzmann, Parish Nurse of Redeemer Lutheran Church   serves as our interim Parish Nurse, who takes over when Jan Dicke is unavailable and she also assists throughout the year as needed. Iva works as a Public Health Nurse for Dodge County. She enjoys spending her free time with her grandchildren.